What do people do all day?

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What do people do all day; By Richard Scarry

What do people do all day? By Richard Scarry. 



Reading is a basic hobby; it has been a favorite for over centuries. It should be encouraged especially among children. Through reading is how they learn about the lessons of life, result of goodness and the consequences of evil. Concepts of right and wrong are built, and difference is defined.

For many years, millions of books have been written around the world for children and their moral upholding. ‘What people do all day?’ is one of the books written to demonstrate the routine of basic economics, and viability of community living by Richard Scarry in the 1960’s. Richard Scarry was a bold writer and was confident to explain the children, the commerce and capitalism in this book.


Importance of the book:

The basic concept of the book was to give an idea to children about what people, who are busy, do all day. It conveys the importance of the distribution of work and the idea that everyone has to work and contribute to the community, in order to live a healthy life. This educational book comes with a light stance of little jokes for children to keep their interest in. Reading is light and talks about a ‘Busytown’ – a random faraway place in America. It’s a bird’s eye view of a structured living, illustrated by different animals like cats, rabbits, fox etc. The basic concept that Scarry is trying to convey to the children is that everyone is a worker.


No matter what background they belong to, everyone is supposed to play their part in life and contribute as an individual to the best of their ability. They have to perform chores like cooking, gardening, baking, stitching, farming, washing, mending and all sorts of tasks that create activity which further generates money. The concept of the bank is introduced in this book and value of money is very interestingly identified. The writer has done a good job in explaining the societal work like domestic as well as professional responsibilities.


New features:

This learning classic is now available in a picture book format. Every published version has come out with some changes of its own; these changes are in terms of drawings and illustrations. This version of the book contains new features of pictures. It has been refreshed for modern day readers in order to make it more attractive and relevant. Children are sure to enjoy it and learn a lot from the concept that is discussed in the book. What do people do all day? By Richard Scarry.

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What do people do all day? By Richard Scarry.
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