Vinyl Sales: Vinyl records are Still Surging

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Vinyl Sales: Vinyl records are Still Surging; is the comeback real





In an era when everyone is talking about digital music, the fact that Vinyl is still selling in millions is quite impressive. Despite the fact that the big market for music media is more of downloads this days; with the like of Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify and others.

Vinyl Sales was once in decline almost to become non-existent, but now it has made a comeback as the sales volume still keep on increasing.

The figures of Vinyl Sales mark a largely unexpected comeback in an industry that is now considered to be dominated by digital. However, music industry officials acknowledged that vinyl will likely remain a niche interest.

While vinyl’s uptick provides an uplifting story within an industry on the downturn, vinyl sales are still a niche market. In the US, vinyl records still make a significant percent of all albums sales.

Although the majority of music fans either download their music or purchase it via CDs.

The surge in interest in the vinyl does not come cheap though in comparison to digital.

Figures for total vinyl album sales were helped further by limited edition releases.

There are many younger music fans who have never heard a vinyl album before despite the resent comeback, but many aspiring young DJ’s are familiar with it.

While we certainly can’t say that the sudden increase in the vinyl sales is a true comeback, the facts remains that vinyl will surely remain on consumer’s radars for the near future and beyond.

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