Sentey XPP725-HS Xplus Power Supply 725 watts, Computer ATX Desktop Power Supply, 140mm Sleeve Bearing Fan, Quiet Fan, Sleeved Cables, 115/230 AC Power, SLI Ready



Sentey® Power Supply XPP725-HS 725Watts


115-230V Voltage
10/5A Current

+5V ~ 22A
+3.3V ~ 22A
+12V ~ 48A
-12V ~ 0.3A
+5V SB ~ 2.5A
+5V & +3.3V Combined ~ 120W
+12V1 & +12V2 Combined ~ 528W

1 x Motherboard 20+4 Pin
1 x CPU 12V 4+4 Pin
1 x Single Rail 12V
2 x PCI-E 6+2 Pin
5 x SATA
3 x Molex
1 x Floppy

ATX 12V ~ v2.2
CE /CB /S Safety
ErP Compliance

SLI Ready
Crossfire Ready
Sleeve Cable
140mm Fan Sleeve Bearing
Sandy Black w/Black Grill Housing

Power Cord
3 Years Warranty

  • The Sentey XPP725-HS power supply features a special Sandy Black scratch resistant coating that combined with its ample connectors provide a pleasing and imposing aesthetic with a unique and functional design that combines modern aesthetics with the power of a high-end product, this model is a great desktop and gaming power supply
  • 140mm SILENT FAN COLLER: The XPP725-HS Power Supplies utilize a 140mm Sleeve Bearing fan that automatically adjusts it’s speed to provide just the right amount of air flow, and balances noise for optimal operation. This variance in speed allows for lower noise and avoids unnecessary dB’s when the computer is not tasked or idle. The Sleeve Bearing Fan is designed for long continuous operation and have a longer service life compared to conventional fans.
  • SINGLE STRONG +12 RAIL: The X Plus Power of 725W included a single dedicated +12V rail, that simplifies component installation by having all the power on a single line, avoiding having to manually balance component load on multiple rails, thus providing greater compatibility and is ready for the latest generation of graphic cards with 48A available in this line. SLI & Crossfire ready. Compliance with ATX 12V v2.2 and CE / CB / S Safety.
  • FULL PROTECTIONS: The XPlus Power supplies series features multiple safeguards such as over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overload protection and short circuit protection which when triggered activate to protect the power supply. They automatically shut down the power supply to prevent damage to your system and any attached devices. Ensuring safe and reliable operation. With an unbeatable 3 year warranty.
  • SLEEVE CABLES: The native sleeving on the XPlus Power protect the cables and prolong their service life by offering more useful and adequate insulation for mounting the cables inside the case.

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