Puma Elite Speed Ferrari 10 Year Anniversary Edition



Ferrari Here is the anniversary edition of the Puma Elite Speed Ferrari running shoes to mark the 10 year partnership between the Maranello firm and the German footwear manufacturer: a pure concentrate of technology, these running shoes feature three different solutions to boost performance. The Mobium Band 3D is an elastic strap with three stretch degrees that start from the outer sole, through the Windlass Chassis and onto its surface, where it hooks back again onto the outside tooling. It works dynamically just like your foot’s tendons: the more force is applied to it, the more spring it returns. Expansion pods provide targeted flexibility and are designed to align with the foot’s bone structure so they flex at exactly the same place and in the same way that your foot does. Windlass Chassis for increased performance and motion, where the entire shoe expands and contracts along with the movement of your foot. A series of details such as the colour palette, the Ferrari Shield and the logo celebrating the 10 years of partnership all make this garment totally unique.

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