LaFerrari Sculpture scale 1:18



Ferrari From the plaster mould to the metal melting process, from the polishing of the bodywork to the assembly and the precise retouching of the details, every aspect of this work has been realised with the utmost care and artisan expertise. Sculpture made with lost wax microcasting, bronze laminated in palladium. The top and the glasses are treated with double passage of rose gold and black rhodium to obtain a different color effect of. Dimensions: approx . 11x27x6.5 cm – scale 1/43 – Stand dimensions: approx. 28x28x8 cm The original Ferrari logo – the same applied to the cars, and produced using original Ferrari paints, just like the red color – adorns the metal stand, bent into various sections, laminated in black rhodium and stove enamelled. The minimalist stand is inspired by a section of track. The wheels were produced from three microcastings (spokes, hub and tyres) soldered together, as were the windscreen wipers. Each model is numbered with a hand-made incision on the door that attests to the limited edition run of the product. LIMITED EDITION : 499 NUMBERED AND CERTIFIED PIECES Made by Editalia for Ferrari

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